PHP Desktop Applications

You can develope native desktop GUI apps using PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript and SQLITE.

Welcome to PHPBrowserBox

PHPBrowserBox can help you develop native desktop GUI applications using web technologies such as PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, MySQL, SQLite and Google Chrome.

What is New?

The latest version is built on Chromium and the code has been migrated to github on 20TH February 2023 during what I will tag the "the 2022/2023 Naira Swap Policy/2023 presidential election period of Nigeria".
Prior to now, the download has always been from But now, you can get the latest version and find the documentations on github as well.

PHPBrowserBox is pretty awesome

PHPBrowserBox can save you so much time and it will make building applications even more fun using your favourite language!

Supports php 5.5 - 8.2 versions!

This new version has made switching between php versions easier than ever with the new console feature BBConsole that allow you to switch between different php versions.

Who's behind PHPBrowserBox?

Follow the team to learn about new updates and features.

Anthony Ogundipe

Creator / Maintainer

Kingsley Attuah

Lead Tester / Support

Fred Peterson

Tester / Developer